About Us

platforma_nationala_pentru_educatieAbout A and J Behavioral Health

A and J Behavioral Health takes a whole family therapeutic approach to helping your family.  We believe that the family’s involvement in the therapy with AJB is the key to success for your child.  We believe in striving to work with the entire family to instill harmony and balance to enhance the overall sense of well being for all.  All of us at AJB believe in creating an individualized functional program for your child to integrate seamlessly into your daily lives.

About Bradley


Since graduating, Bradley has dedicated his  professional life to working and creating ABA programs that work for children and their families. He has worked for the past 15 years as a Behavior Analyst.  Bradley has trained, supervised, and evaluated nearly 200 behavioral therapists on the use of ABA procedures.  Bradley specializes in verbal behavior which is an ABA method concentrating on the functions of a child’s communication and shaping their sounds to become fully functional words and sentences.   Bradley also specializes in child development with an emphasis on alternative communication techniques such as PECS, sign language, augmentative communication devices, and whatever your family needs in terms of communication styles.  Behavior modification programs and social/daily living skills are also at the forefront of our programs.  Bradley’s life mission is to help those families that need the most help and that is the legacy of A and J Behavioral Health.  We understand the triumphs and challenges that you face!

Please call now at 1-516-698-6995 or email me at info@ajbehavioral.com for help.